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My review - Wow Skin Science Onion Oil with Black seed extracts (A Good Product)

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My first review of hair oil was Hamdard Roghan Amond oil and today, I will review Wow skin science Online oil. The Wow skin science company has made a name for itself by selling onion-based products and today, many of their products are very popular. Presently, I am using a number of their products and one of them is Onion oil with black seed extracts. The company claims that it is a non-greasy hair oil for hair growth, thus people can enjoy the good effects of this hair oil without worrying about the greasy effect of traditional oils. The company promotes this oil for hair fall that has become a common problem for many people. The company further claims that their Onion oil with onion black seed extract is free from artificial fragrances or the addition of mineral oils or silicones. This is good news because we all love to use pure and natural products that work perfectly for us. 

oil, black seed oil, sample,
The sample used of Onion Black seed Oil

The Wow skin science onion oil is not completely based on the extract of onion seeds but it does contain other natural ingredients like Almond, Jojoba, castor, olive, and coconut oils. However, while applying this oil you get the flavor and smell of onion that may irritate people who don't like the smell of onion. I used this product because I got the smalls of this oil and I was not suffering from hair loss at the time of applying this oil. After applying this oil, I can say that my hairs become quite soft and light. I felt that this oil has a positive effect on the hairs but the only issue is the fragrance of onion. 

We can find many people spending millions of rupees on their hair because every person loves to have beautiful and strong hair. Without hair, it is very hard to imagine the real beauty of a person. When we have good-looking hair then we look much younger and attractive than the people who don't have good hair. I will say that people can give this hair a try if they are looking for some good hair oil. Already, we can find many good reviews of this oil because many people have liked it. I have also reviewed one more product of Wow Skin Science and it is Wow Mango body butter that was also a good product. 

I will give thumbs up to this product for its unique and effective product. 

Buy Wow Onion Oil with Black seed extract


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