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My Review- Boroline (Time Tested Antiseptic Perfumed Cream)

Boroline New Boroline is one such brand with which I have grown up because there is no time in life when I have not seen this product at my home. Like me, we can find millions of people in India who have great associations with this brand from past 84 years. Journey of Boroline as an Indian brand started back in 1929 when it was launched by the Gourmohon Dutta of GD Pharmaceutical as an answer to British products. Started at a low scale, soon Boroline cream found its place in every Indian home and even today, it is one of the most trusted brand in India.  Boroline cream has become a legacy where parents pass on this cream to their children.  Boroline is most used and favorite cream of our family thanks to my father’s great trust on this cream.  Boroline Old It is common to find 4-5 green color boroline tubes at different parts of our home. I am also following footsteps of my father and using boroline regularly. I am not only using boroline because it is the