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My Review - Bio Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil (A good product but wrong marketing)

  Yesterday, I did the review of Wow Skin Science Onion Black seed extract hair oil , and today, I am going to review another hair oil from Bio Organic that is a brand of Indus cosmetic Pvt Ltd. I reached this oil because of a mistake and wrong marketing by the company. I was looking for a 100% pure almond oil and fell the trap of this product because on the selling page it was mentioned that it is 100% pure organic pure sweet almond oil (Badam ka Tail). When this product reached home and I read the ingredients then I learned that this oil is a mix of many other oils like Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, and Grape-seed oil. I felt bad because it was nowhere mentioned on the selling page that this oil contains some other oils too. Further, there is no clear indication of the exact quantity of each oil in the overall oil content. Therefore,  I felt cheated with Indus Valley Bio OrganicsSweet Almond oil .  List of content I was unable to send this product back becaus

My review - Wow Skin Science Onion Oil with Black seed extracts (A Good Product)

My first review of hair oil was Hamdard Roghan Amond oil and today, I will review Wow skin science Online oil. The Wow skin science company has made a name for itself by selling onion-based products and today, many of their products are very popular. Presently, I am using a number of their products and one of them is Onion oil with black seed extracts . The company claims that it is a non-greasy hair oil for hair growth, thus people can enjoy the good effects of this hair oil without worrying about the greasy effect of traditional oils. The company promotes this oil for hair fall that has become a common problem for many people. The company further claims that their Onion oil with onion black seed extract is free from artificial fragrances or the addition of mineral oils or silicones. This is good news because we all love to use pure and natural products that work perfectly for us.  The sample used of Onion Black seed Oil The Wow skin science onion oil is not completely based on the e