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Showing posts from January 12, 2022

My Review - Slice Credit Card (Spend Today and Pay Later) Referral code to get Rs 300

    Today, It is time to review a new Credit Card that I am using for the last few months and have found it very beneficial. This is Slice credit card that anyone can get in less than two minutes. Just on joining this card, you get Rs 300 added into your account (Use referral code-  IRON199662 to get it )  The good news is that this card comes with no Joining fee or annual fee, unlike other popular cards that charge good joining and annual fees.  In recent times, it has become very common to get cashback on all purchases made on credit cards and we can find many credit cards giving cashback. In such credit cards, Slice credit card is a winner because it offers up to 2% cashback on bill payments. The biggest advantage of slice credit cards is that we can convert our monthly card bill into three interest-free EMIs so you can make purchases worry-free. Slice cards offer many rewards and instant cashback on popular online stores like myntra, yatra, amazon etc.  For other credit cards, it i

My Review - Tide double Power detergent with New Stain Magnets (Best friend of Clothes)

The clothes are a very integral part of our life and it is hard to imagine life without them because they add colorfulness and comfort to our life. Due to this reason, we all have multiple types of clothes in our wardrobes as per our daily needs. Today no human being can imagine a day out without clothes because clothes have become our out skin and style statement. Thanks to the revolution in synthetic clothes industries, today we have a huge variety of clothes with us. This luxury was not available to everyone in the past. We are all lucky to have a variety of clothes at such a reasonable price. Now having clothes is one thing but the real thing is to care for them. As we take baths daily so we need to clean our clothes regularly so that we can remove the dirt and germs from them.  Here detergents provide great help by cleaning our clothes. However, it all depends on the selection of detergent because there are many detergents available in the market that are not up to mark and they h

My Review - Rock Light (RL-0023) LED Table lamp with Pen and Mobile stand

Today, I will review the Rock light (RL-0023) Led table lamp that comes with a pen and mobile stand and children's eye protection. This LED table lamp is charged with a Micro USB and we can use a power bank to charge it. I bought this LED lamp for my Son to help him with his studies. The choice of LED lamp is based on the positive reviews of similar LED lamps . In our times, it was a luxury to get a good table lamp and only a few have good table lamps available for study. Moreover, the quality of study lamps was not up to mark and the light of these lamps was very hard on the eyes. Today's table lamps based on LED light come with an eye protection feature so that studying doesn't put pressure on the eyes.  After looking for many options, I decided to buy this table lamp from Rock Light. There are many different types of LED table lamps are available from Rock Light but I liked the RL-0023 model because of the many features offered by it. One of the main features that I lik