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My Review- McVities HobNobs Oat Cookies (Best in Taste and Health)

Today, I am going to share my experience with the McVities Hobnobs Oat Cookies. In the recent times, there is a trend in the market for healthy food, a food which is rich in fibre and essential nutritions, and free from harmful substances for the body. McVities Hobnobs Oat Cookies are also a product in the same category. For the last five years, Oats have established themselves well in the Indian market because of their huge health benefits; therefore, many companies are launching products with Oats in them. These cookies also come in the same category of healthy cookies. The main ingredients of these cookies are Honey, Oats, Wheat fibre , wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil, sugar syrup, wheat Gluten, common salt, leaving agents, emulsifier and acidity regulator. Mcvities claims that there are zero trans fats in these cookies. This is a good news because many people around the world are becoming ill by consuming trans fats. The company further claims that they use nat