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My Review- Quaker Oats (An ideal food item for Indians) Oats with many Health Benefits

Today, more and more numbers of people are becoming aware of healthy eating habits. Everyone wants to eat food that is rich in nutrients and less in harmful fats. Oats have become very popular in India because of the great nutritional advantages they provide and their role in controlling high cholesterol levels. India has slowly become the world capital of people suffering from heart problems and diabetes. One of the main reasons for the increase of health problems in Indians is bad eating habits. We consume food that lacks essential nutrients, but it is high in harmful trans fats and cholesterol. Review - Saffola Oats So we need food which can provide us with essential energy for the body; however, it needs to be free from bad fat. Here comes the role of Oats , which are made of 100% whole grains. They provide our body natural source of carbohydrates and dietary fibres . The main point which I will like to highlight is that Oats contain Beta Glucan Soluble Fibre  that helps redu