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My Review - Sesa Mastermind Herbal Hair Oil (A good product)

Recently, I got a chance to try Ban Labs Sesa Master Mind herbal hair oil. Today, we can find many hair oil based products available in the market because hair related problems are very common in India. The first product of Ban Labs was Sesa Hair oil, which is established well in the market and many people are using it. Whereas Sesa Master Mind Hair oil is a comparatively new product and it is not freely available in the market like the simple Sesa Hair oil. Ban Labs has developed Sesa Master Mind Hair oil for providing mental relief in the present stressful life. The company says that there are 21 essential herbs and 12 oils in it which provide mental calmness and sharpen one's memory. The company further says that Sesa Master Mind Herbal Hair oil increases the blood circulation of the scalp and it nurtures the calmness and control of mind. It keeps our brain healthy, sharp and sound, thus increasing concentration and memory power of the brain. Ban Labs recommend this