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My Review- Zaitoon Tara Cooking Oil (A healthy Oil for today's cooking)

Today, I will share my experience with cooking oil Zaitoon Tara which is a mix of Rice brain oil and Olive oil. In India, the number of people suffering from various health problems is on rice and we can put some control on these health issues by using a healthy cooking oil. We need a cooking oil, which is rich in Omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Zaitoon Tara is also one such oil, which adds essential nutrients to our diet. This oil is a blend of Rice Brain oil (80%) and Olive oil (20%), due to this reason, we get the benefits of both Rice brain and olive oil. Zaitoon Tara provides us with ideal MUFA/PUFA ratio with negligible Trans fats. Today, many people are facing many health problems because of less intake of essential fatty acid and high intake of Trans fatty acids. While by adding Zaitoon Tara to our cooking, we can easily get an ideal ratio of essential nutrients in our diet. This oil is also very rich in essential vitamins like A, D, E, K and Beta Carotene and ant

My Review- Dettol Antiseptic Liquid (A pure Indian Antisepecptic Liquid)

Today, I am going to review India's most trusted and oldest antiseptic liquid by Reckitt Benckiser i.e. Dettol . In general, Dettol doesn't need any introduction in India because every Indian knows this product very well because we all have used it at some point in life. Dettol is dominating the Indian market from the 1933 and during these years, this product has only become even more strong. The basic job of Dettol antiseptic liquid is to clean wounds and cuts. The company claims that Dettol kills over 100 illness causes harmful germs. Different people use Dettol for different reasons, some use it as a household disinfectant on the surface and some for laundry of newborns. I never forget to put few drops of Dettol in the water, which I use for shaving. During the rainy season, we also put some drops of Dettol liquid into our water bucket so that it can destroy all the skin causing bacteria in the rainy season. Mostly, we keep a bottle of Dettol in our home to treat an