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My Review - Campus Men's Street-Run Light Grey Running Shoes 8-UK (Light, economical and Comfortable Shoes)

My friends, today I am going to review Campus Men light Grey running shoes (11g-772) that I bought three months back. I was looking for light and comfortable shoes which also have stylish looks so I searched many brands and later I decided to buy the campus shoes because I liked their looks and there were many positive reviews about the product. I bought the light grey coloured shoes as shown in the picture above but these shoes come in a total of four colours. I always prefer shoes that are lightweight and comfortable because heavy weighing shoe causes uncomfortableness in walking. Today, the technology of Indian shoemakers like Campus has increased many times, therefore, we are getting comfortable shoes from them.     I ordered these shoes in the month of October and now I have tried them on a number of occasions. I have found these shoes very comfortable and stylish. You don't feel uncomfortable while wearing these shoes even if you wear them for the whole day. These shoes just

My Review - Wings of Fire (Best Motivational Book by Abdul Kalam)

  Last time, I discussed the book, Devlok devdutt Pattanaik ke sang and Today, I will talk about the book " Wings of Fire " which is an autobiography of a former President of India and an eminent scientist Shri A P J Abdul Kalam. I like this book so much because It is very important for every Indian and especially for youth to read this autobiography. This is one book which has so much to offer to everyone. If someone is looking for a best motivational book, then his search can stop at this book. We all need the motivation to achieve big goals in life, however, it remains a question from where we can get it. Mostly, in front of us, we have bad examples set by failed and unhappy people. So we need to look at people by Shri A P J Abdul Kalam for guidance and motivation.  I am not telling you to read this book because he is a former president and an eminent scientist, I am telling you to read this autobiography because this book has the power to change your life in a posi

My Review- Devlok Devdutt Pattanaik Ke Sang (Hindi) (A best insight in to Hindu Mythology)

  Today, I will share my review of a book that is part of my book self. I love reading books because they add to my knowledge and help me understand the world better than before. The name of the book is " Devlok Devdutt Pattanaik Ke Sang ". I come to know about Devdutt Pattanaik through his TV series on the Epic channel with the same name "Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik".  We all liked his show because of the great information about Indian mythology told to us. This show makes us know about many things about Indian (Hindu) Mythology we hardly know. It is very important to know about our history and religion, therefore, I liked this book. By reading this book, we get introduced to many of the facts and common questions related to mythology and at the end, we get satisfactory answers.  Most of the buyers of his book are the people who regularly watch his show. We can find many books related to mythology in the market; however, there are very few books available tha

My Review - Omron HEM 7120 digital BP monitor (Strong, study and reliable product)

  In the present world, high Blood pressure (hypertension) has emerged as a silent killer by becoming the main reason behind a person's death if remains unrecognized for long. Therefore, it is very important to take seriously high Blood pressure and not ignore it at any cost. The major issue is that many people learn about high BP very late when it has already done damage to their body. Earlier, it was believed that high blood pressure or hypertension will only affect people who are above 40 years of age but it is not the truth and even young teenagers are suffering from high Blood pressure and high heart rate. This is not a good sign and we need to start medication early when we detect it. Earlier, we need to go to the doctor or nearest healthcare worker for our blood pressure to be measured but thanks to an advanced digital blood pressure monitor anyone can check his or her Blood pressure any time without the other's help.  Today, I will review one of the best Blood pressure