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My Review - Omron HEM 7120 digital BP monitor (Strong, study and reliable product)


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In the present world, high Blood pressure (hypertension) has emerged as a silent killer by becoming the main reason behind a person's death if remains unrecognized for long. Therefore, it is very important to take seriously high Blood pressure and not ignore it at any cost. The major issue is that many people learn about high BP very late when it has already done damage to their body. Earlier, it was believed that high blood pressure or hypertension will only affect people who are above 40 years of age but it is not the truth and even young teenagers are suffering from high Blood pressure and high heart rate. This is not a good sign and we need to start medication early when we detect it. Earlier, we need to go to the doctor or nearest healthcare worker for our blood pressure to be measured but thanks to an advanced digital blood pressure monitor anyone can check his or her Blood pressure any time without the other's help. 

Today, I will review one of the best Blood pressure monitors available in the market that I am using for the last 7 years and it is still working fine. The name of this digital BP monitor is Omron HEM 7120 Fully automatic Blood pressure monitor with IntelliSense technology. In my family, the number of people suffering from high BP is very high so I decided to buy a personal digital BP monitor so that we can check blood pressure anytime so that we can have control over the increasing Blood pressure plus we can know that we have a problem due to high BP or the reason is something else. In the last years, this digital BP monitor has helped us on many serious occasions by telling us that high BP is the main culprit for our condition. 

I myself suffer from high BP and it has become my routine to take the measurements of BP two times every day. Whenever I see my BP going upside then I know that something is wrong and I need to make changes in my medicine, diet, or lifestyle. Because of its small size, I always keep this device handy with me where ever I go. In the last seven and half years, this product has never disappointed us and almost given its value back to us. There are many cheap BP monitors from unrecognized brands are available in the market but I believe you should trust a BP monitor from a known brand like Omron. 

I give full thumbs up to Omron BP monitor for giving a strong, sturdy, and reliable product. If you want peace of mind for seven to eight years with complete accuracy on BP then you should consider it. My rating for this product is 9 out of 10. 

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