My Review- (Frooti Largest selling mango drink) What I found at the Bottom of the Bottle?

red deposit, Frooti, Frooti is India's largest selling mango flavored drink and it is very popular in India. It is hard to find any person in India who is not aware of this brand. We also trust this brand; therefore, it's commonly seen in all Indian homes. However, yesterday when I consumed Frooti then I didn't feel good and I felt that I have drunk something bad. I checked the manufacturing date on the bottle which was 08/04/16. On the bottle, it is stated that you can consume Frooti up to six months from the manufacturing date.

Therefore, there was no issue related to expiry of the product, as this product was safe to use till the October 2016. Then, why I felt bad was there something not good in the bottle. I checked the bottle thoroughly and found red colored powder lying on the bottom of the bottle. What is it? Must be some artificial color used to give color to the Frooti drink.

Review, Frooti, Mango, drink, Today, we have become so much depended on these artificial drinks that they have become integral part of our life style. As per the details written on the bottle, each Frooti bottle contains 19.5% mango pulp, sugar (however, no information on exact quantity of sugar used), acidity regulator, permitted class 2 preservatives (three of them) and anti oxidant (no detail information). It further says that it contains permitted synthetic food color and added flavor.

All this is clear to point out that they give exact color, taste and look to Frooti drinks with the help of artificial products. These products, like Frooti also don't stand when we compare them with the prices of real mangos. I got the 1 liter Freeti bottle with MRP Rs 58 at Rs 47 after Rs 11 discount at easyday store. When the mangos are selling at a high price, then how they are able to make so much drinks at so less price.

It is time to avoid such drinks and artificial sweeteners because they are not as healthy as the real fruits and they content of sugar in them can cause us many health problems. Now it is in our hands to play with our health or to avoid such products. The batch no of this bottle is MOH 16099. My rating for this product is 3 out of 10.

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