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My Review - Ola Cab Service (Very Bad Experience)

Today, It is time to review one of so called popular cab service in India OLA cabs. My first experience with this cab service is so bad that I may not use it next time. On 13 Feb, 2016, I booked an OLA cab in advance from Zirakpur to Chandigarh Sector 27 for next day at 9:30 AM. On 14th Feb, 2016 at 9:25 AM, I checked my mobile for a message from the OLA cab with details of cab and the cab driver. However, there was no message in my inbox. So, I checked the app and found that my booking was cancelled and surprising, I was not informed. Now, as I was stuck in a place without any conveyance. However, thankfully to the Taxiforsure app, I got another cab within 5 minutes. I was using taxiforsure  cabs from long time and mostly got a taxi on time. However, my first experience with OLA is bad. In the afternoon, I found that Rs 100 were allotted to my account for free ride. I again decided to give OLA can anther chance and booked an OLA mini cab from Chandigarh. I got the message wi