Which is a better DTH service Tata Sky or Dish TV?

Tata Sky, Dish Tv, review,
   Today, I will review two famous DTH (Direct to Home) cable services in India and I will further tell which one is better and why? The two DTH services, I am going to talk about are Tata sky and Dish TV. Both these DTH services are very famous in India and we can easily notice them at many Indian rooftops. 

DishTV is one of the first and oldest DTH service providers in India and they have the maximum market share; however, due to steep competition from other DTH players, it has lost lots of its ground. I have good experience of both of these services because I am using them simultaneously. If we start comparing them then we will find that both are good service providers; however, Tata Sky scores over the DishTV when it comes to free offers/programs, innovative ideas and overall availability of TV channels. 

Tata Sky offers more numbers of innovative products like Live Darshans, active channels, learning channels etc which are either missing from the Dish TV or their numbers are very less. Moreover, it is much convenient to use the mobile site of Tata sky to change the monthly pack or add/delete TV channels. Tata sky also scores when we just want to do a small recharge like Rs 20 only because this option is not available with Dish TV and you need to do the minimum amount of recharge. On the other hand, Dish TV scores when we look for live radios which are not available on Tata Sky platform. 

Though both Tata Sky and Dish TV comes with comparable options and from time to time their offers change. However, I found Tata Sky more convenient and useful over the Dish TV for enjoying my favorite TV channels, therefore, my suggestion is for Tata Sky. 

My Review - Baidyanath Shankha Pushpi (Wonderful Brain Tonic)

Review, Baidyanath, shankha pushpi, Today, I will share my experience of Baidyanath Shankha Pushpi with you which is available in the market as a brain tonic. Baidyanath is one of the oldest brand dealing with Ayurvedic drugs in India and they are doing it successfully without any complaint. Their products are reliable and prescribed by many Ayurvedic practitioners. In the same way, the product Shankha Pushpi is quite effective and of good quality. 

Today, we live in a highly stressful world where our mind constantly remains occupied with various tensions related to daily life. These stresses and tensions put pressure on the activity of mind and make it weak. Here comes the role of natural herbs like Shankapushpi and Brahmi which calms our mind and reduces the harmful effects of stress and tension from our mind. Both of these herbs are time tested for their effectiveness for the human brain. 

It is clearly stated in the ancient literature that use of these herbs make our brain calm and sharp. Baidyanath used this formula to create their product Shankha Pushpi which is mainly a syrup of Shankha Pushpi herb with enrichment of Brahmi. It is a quite old product from Baidyanath and mostly given to students for increased concentration and a sharper mind. 

Baidyantha, shankha pushpi

I have observed that this syrup is even helpful in elevating the mood of a person and thus looks promising in fighting mild depression. Moreover, it has come in many studies that after 50 years of age, it is better to take brain tonics like Brahmi or Shankha Pushpi to slow down the aging process. I am using this syrup for last six months and found it very effective. Though, I don't take it daily but takes whenever I feel down or stressed. 

I don't want to say that one should take this syrup; however, I will only like to say that it is a quit effective products and provide positive results. Though because of sugar base, this syrup is not recommended for the diabetic patients, such people can take the tablet form of this product available in the market. 

My rating for this products is 8 out of 10. 

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My Review- Dabur Red Toothpaste (An effective toothpaste in Market)

Review, Dabur, Red, Toothpaste,Today, we can find many toothpastes available in the market and all of these claims that they are best for your teeth. I believe that we must choose our toothpastes with lots of care because the fate of our teeth depends on the toothpaste we use. It is very important to not mislead by the advertisements in the media because all the claims made in the advertisements may not be correct. I always decide my toothpaste on the basis of its effectiveness and not just by believing what others say.

Review, Dabur, Red, Toothpaste, In the present article, I will review a famous toothpaste brand in India i.e. Dabur Red Toothpaste. This Red brand of Dabur is very old and once Dabur Red tooth powder was number one in its category. However, today most of people have shifted towards the toothpaste as toothpaste is much easier to use as compared to the tooth powders. Therefore, Dabur also introduced its Dabur Red Toothpaste which is quite famous with many people. 

I started using this toothpaste year back when I realized that the toothpaste I am using is high in fluoride, which may be harmful to my health so I looked for an alternate and found it in the form of Dabur Red toothpaste. We can clearly see a punch line of the Dabur Red Toothpaste that this toothpaste keeps dental problems away. I do agree with what they are saying. Dabur Red is a wonderful toothpaste and it helps you to effectively clean your teeth what intaking much of harmful chemicals. 

Dabur Red toothpaste contains Laung, Pudina, Tomar and Sunthi satvas which are effective in treating gum healths. The main claims made by Dabur Red Toothpaste are -
1) Clinically tested for reduction in plaque
2) Reduction in gingivitis
3) Reduction in bad breath
4) Keep dental problems away
5) Keeps teeth strong

I will say that Dabur Red Toothpaste is an effective product available in the market and its herbal nature makes it more favorable. I have found it fully satisfactory product and I will rate it 8 out of 10. 

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My Review- Godrej Nupur Heena (Mehndi) Very good product

Godrej Nupur Heena (Mehndi) -

Review, Goodrej, Nupur, Heena, With age, it is common to have gray hair. This happens with me too, so I looked for some solution. I wanted to avoid coloring of my hair because I want to keep away chemicals from my body. So, someone told me about using henna (Mehndi) paste on the hairs. Because, I had gray hair on the side only so it was much easier for me to apply heena on my hair. Now, the next task was to choose a good mehndi which suits my hair and doesn't cause any damage to them. 

There are many heena products available in the market, however, we can't be sure about their quality. So, I trusted a Mehndi from good brand "Godrej". I used it a few times and found that it is a perfect product for me. Same was the opinion of other family members. From that time, Godrej Nupur Heena become our family Heena to be used on the hair. For the last six years, this henna is used in our home and we have not got any problem with it. 

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This product works very well and doesn't cause any side effect. The other good thing about Nupur Mehndi is that it gives a brown color to your hairs unlike other Mehndi brands which give red color. This Mehndi is very suitable for people who have grey hair in some places. After using the Nupur Heena, it becomes difficult to tell that you have some gray hair too. Only with very close inspection someone can find this difference. 
Review, Nupur, Godrej, Heena,
The good point about Nupur Heena is the use of 9 herbs which are believed to be good for hairs.  

These Herbs are -
1) Hibiscus (which rejuvenate hairs and make them shiny and silky)
2) Brahmi (which starts hair growth)
3) Shikakai (Used in India from ancient times for cleaning hairs and make them shinny)
4) Methi (Which conditions and nourishes hairs)
5) Neem (Which prevent hair infections and prevents dandruff)
6) Jatamansi (which prevents graying of hairs) 
7) Aloe Vera (which works as moisturizer
8) Bhringraj (which makes hair thick and healthy)
9) Amla (which darken hair)

So, Godrej Nupur Heena not only gives a good color to your hair, but it also helps your hair by providing them essential nutrients and care. 

It is very easy to apply henna on hair, just put a few spoons of Nupur Mehndi in warm water to make a paste and apply it on hairs after two hours. You need to keep this paste on your hairs for two to three hours for best results. 

I like this product very much so I have no problem in recommending it to you. My rating for it is 9 out of 10. 

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Godrej Nupur Heena Tv Commercial-

My Review - Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Review, Philips, BT50B, Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers,  Bluetooth speakers have become a very important gadget for all music lovers because with the help of Bluetooth speakers, they can play loud music of their choice. Today, people can store hundreds of songs in their mobiles or they can play live music through free music apps. However, the speakers of a mobile phone have limited output and we can't listen good music through them without the headphones. 

Buy Philips Bluetooth Speakers Online

Here come Bluetooth speakers which allow us to play music from our mobile phone or any other bluetooth device through these speakers. You just need to pair your mobile and speaker for one time only and from second time, you can play music with the single play button. I bought these Philips Bluetooth speakers because my wife is very fond of playing music and she loves to listen music while working in the Kitchen. So, I searched for good Bluetooth speakers and put my trust on the Philips because of its good brand value. 
Review, Philips, BT50B, Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers,
Thankfully, these speakers worked very fine and their sound quality is very good. It comes with a rechargable battery which gives you a good music listening time. As compared to the small size, these speakers give a loud sound and it is very easy to carry Philips Bluetooth speakers anywhere. For the last seven months, these Speakers are working very fine. My Rating for Philips Bluetooth speakers is 9 out 10. These speakers provide a value for money without compromising on the quality. 

My Review - Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Review, Hamdard, Roghan Badam Shirin, Almond Oil,Hamdard products are known for their quality and effectiveness. Earlier, I reviewed Hamdard's Joshina and it is time for one of its popular product Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil. If, I go back to the my childhood memories, then I only see Roghan Badam as the first and most used Almond oil in our home. Initially, in most of the shops Roghan Badam Shirin was the only Almond oil available. With time, it got competition from Dabur's almond oil and other local brands. 

We have always put our trust on Hamdard's almond oil because of the great quality it offers. It is much thicker oil as compared to other almond oils in the market and after use, we can find that it is more effective than others. You can use this almond oil in any way and you will always find satisfaction. I have used Harmdard Roghan Badam oil to put in my milk and to massage my face. Roghan Badam oil is very effective in treating constipation. People suffering from constipation can put some drops of Rogan Badam oil in milk and drink it every night. 

Due to the laxative properties of Badam oil, they will get relief from constipation. You can easily use this badam oil to give to your children for sharper brain. It looks that Hamdard has retained all the benefits of almond in its Roghan Badam Shirin. Amond oil is a good source of energy so it keeps your body warm in the winters. It is also a tonic for your heart and brain. It helps you to relieve tension and build strong bones. In India, it is common to massage the body of newborn or kids with almond oil so that they can become strong. The rich moister in almond oil is very good for dry skin and dandruff. 

The main Health Properties of Almond Oil-

1) Heart and Brain Tonic
2) Strenghten Bones and nerves
3) Improves immunity
4) Relives Tension
5) Treats dry Skin and Dandruff
6) It improves memory
7) It has anti-inflammatory property
8) It is anti-cancerous and hepatoprotective

Hamdard claims that their Roghan Badam Shirin is made with sweet almonds; therefore, their product is 100% safe and pure. My rating for this product is 9 out 10 because I have always found it effective and good in quality. 

TV Advertisement of Harmdard Badam Rogan Shirin-

My Review- Ranbaxy's Revital Daily Health Supplement Capsules (Side Effects and Advantages)

Ranbaxy's Revital Daily Health Supplement Capsules

Revital, Health, Suppliment, capsules, Today, we live in a world where it is common to use health supplements because of the busy and hectic life of people. Earlier, I reviewed one similar product of Zandu Vigorex which helps you to regain energy and stamina. Due to wrong and unhealthy life style many people feel tired and energyless to do daily activities. Therefore, they look for health supplements to increase their energy levels and stamina. 

There are many health supplements popular in the market and Ranbaxy's Revital is one of the most popular among them. Revital is daily consumed by many people who feel a lack of energy. Some people have so much faith on the Revital that they recommend it to their family members and known ones. Now, Ranbaxy is part of Sun Pharma and so, Revital is also a product of Sun Pharma and it is sold under its OTC division. 
Renbaxy, Revital, Review,
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Revital mainly contains a combination of Ginseng, Vitamins and Minerals. It is used to treat the deficiency of vitamins and mineral in the body. The highlight of Revital is Ayurvedic (natural) product Ginseng. It is believed to boost energy, lower body sugar levels, control cholesterol, relax the body, reduce stress and treat sexual problems. This is Ginseng, which makes Revital so powerful and unique. Ginseng is used in China from very long time and now, it is used in many countries of the world. 

We mainly feel tired or energless when there is a deficiency of essential vitamins and mineral in the body. When we take a health supplement like Revital, then they help us to regain the loss of vitamins and minerals, so we again feel healthy and energetic. 

The Advantage of Taking Revital-

1) It increases energy and helps to fight against tiredness. 
2) It improves bodies stress handling capabilities. 
3) It strengthens and rejuvenate your body.
4) You feel fit and active

The Main ingredient of Revital are -

(Vitamin A 2000 I.U, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C 40, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E 5, Folic Acid, Zinc, Ferrous Fumarate, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium Phosphorous)
Revital, Ingredients, Review,
Revital is so important for Ranbaxy that they signed famous Bollywood star Salman Khan for the advertisement of Revital. Today, Revital is a very successful product and it is freely available in every medical shop. 

My Review for Revital is that it is an effective product and it provides a great help when you are feeling low in energy. However, I also warn against the over use of it because in that case it may cause side effects. It is good to use such products when you are in need; however, it is wrong to totally become depended on them. 

Side Effects of overuse (Overdose) of Revital (because of Gingseng)-

1) High or Low Blood pressure
2) High respiration
3) Restlessness
4) Sensitivity to light
5) Nausea and Vomiting
6) Blurred vision, headache, insomnia
7) Fast Heartbeat
8) Swelling

There may be other side effect if we overuse it or take overdose of Revital for Long time. Revital should not be given to children below 12 years of age. 

Its dosage is one capsule a day, after meal because you may get difficulty in digesting it if you take it empty stomach. 

My Rating for Revital is 9 out 10; however, one should avoid its overuse. 

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Video Commercials of Revital-

My Review - Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose Detergent (Washing) Powder

Review, Tide, Plus, Detergent, powder, Review, My Review - Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose Detergent Powder

It is common to notice the advertisements of Tide detergent on the TV. The focus of all the ads is that Tide can even whiten the washed clothes and women are not required to rub hard to clean clothes. We are using Tide detergent powder at our home from the last five years. Earlier, Surf excel was detergent powder of our home. We started using Tide detergent powder because it was economical and they were offering free bucket with the large pack of Tide. After using tide for the first time, we found that tide works well or equivalent to surf excel but it is cheaper than Surf excel. Since then, tide detergent powder has become our regular detergent powder. 

Review, Tide, detergent, So far, we have no complaint with tide detergent powder and time to time, they offer their customer many good offers like free bucket or extra detergent. The Tide is also safe for the hands which is the main concern of many women. Tide is also safe for the clothes and we never found it doing any harm to our clothes. May be this is the reason that the tide has become a very popular detergent powder in India and it is used in millions of Indian households. 

The Tide is an effective detergent and a small quantity of this powder is enough to clean clothes. My rating for Tide washing powder is 9 out of 10 and I would like to recommend it to others. 

Below, You can also share your experiences and opinions about the Tide Washing Power. 

Get Offer of Tide Detergent (Buy) 

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My Review- (Frooti Largest selling mango drink) What I found at the Bottom of the Bottle?

red deposit, Frooti, Frooti is India's largest selling mango flavored drink and it is very popular in India. It is hard to find any person in India who is not aware of this brand. We also trust this brand; therefore, it's commonly seen in all Indian homes. However, yesterday when I consumed Frooti then I didn't feel good and I felt that I have drunk something bad. I checked the manufacturing date on the bottle which was 08/04/16. On the bottle, it is stated that you can consume Frooti up to six months from the manufacturing date.

Therefore, there was no issue related to expiry of the product, as this product was safe to use till the October 2016. Then, why I felt bad was there something not good in the bottle. I checked the bottle thoroughly and found red colored powder lying on the bottom of the bottle. What is it? Must be some artificial color used to give color to the Frooti drink.

Review, Frooti, Mango, drink, Today, we have become so much depended on these artificial drinks that they have become integral part of our life style. As per the details written on the bottle, each Frooti bottle contains 19.5% mango pulp, sugar (however, no information on exact quantity of sugar used), acidity regulator, permitted class 2 preservatives (three of them) and anti oxidant (no detail information). It further says that it contains permitted synthetic food color and added flavor.

All this is clear to point out that they give exact color, taste and look to Frooti drinks with the help of artificial products. These products, like Frooti also don't stand when we compare them with the prices of real mangos. I got the 1 liter Freeti bottle with MRP Rs 58 at Rs 47 after Rs 11 discount at easyday store. When the mangos are selling at a high price, then how they are able to make so much drinks at so less price.

It is time to avoid such drinks and artificial sweeteners because they are not as healthy as the real fruits and they content of sugar in them can cause us many health problems. Now it is in our hands to play with our health or to avoid such products. The batch no of this bottle is MOH 16099. My rating for this product is 3 out of 10.

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My Review - Ola Cab Service (Very Bad Experience)

Ola, Can, Mni, Review,
Today, It is time to review one of so called popular cab service in India OLA cabs. My first experience with this cab service is so bad that I may not use it next time. On 13 Feb, 2016, I booked an OLA cab in advance from Zirakpur to Chandigarh Sector 27 for next day at 9:30 AM. On 14th Feb, 2016 at 9:25 AM, I checked my mobile for a message from the OLA cab with details of cab and the cab driver. However, there was no message in my inbox.

So, I checked the app and found that my booking was cancelled and surprising, I was not informed. Now, as I was stuck in a place without any conveyance. However, thankfully to the Taxiforsure app, I got another cab within 5 minutes. I was using taxiforsure  cabs from long time and mostly got a taxi on time. However, my first experience with OLA is bad. In the afternoon, I found that Rs 100 were allotted to my account for free ride. I again decided to give OLA can anther chance and booked an OLA mini cab from Chandigarh.

Ola Can, Confirmation, Message
I got the message with driver details who was to pick in five minutes. I patiently waited for ten minutes and then found that no one came or even not received any call from the driver. Then, after one minute I got a message that I have completed my journey and my bill is Rs 53. It was a shock when You never step in the vehicle how you get a bill. When I called the driver then he first said that there was no booking with my name and when I further inquired then he said that someone gave him hand and step into the vehicle; and he thought that it was me and he step out after 1.4 KM. This was a highly irresponsible answer by a cab driver, I ever heard.

This was the first experience with me when such an incidence has happened. I took taxis in many places through the app and by mobile booking; however, I never faced such inconvenience which I faced with OLA cab. Here again, taxiforsure came to my help and within five minutes I got another taxi. However, I am not happy with an unprofessional attitude of OLA cab and its driver. If they don't want to take passenger with free coupon (ride) then why company issue such coupons. Such actions can cause great harm to any person who is in a hurry.
Ola Cab, Bill,

I sent mail to the OLA support and in reply, they just said that they forwarded this matter to the respected team. My rating for OLA cab is 0 out of 10 and I will never use them again.

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