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My Review Pears Soap (Pure and Gentle)

I keep on reviewing soaps on this site and I have reviewed soaps like Medimix soap , Vaadi Neem Soap etc. Today, I will review the oldest and most popular brands of soaps with you. Pears soap brand is a soap brand which has touched people of many generations. The tagline of pears soap is 'Pure and Gentle' which has won the heart of many people. I first came to know about this soap from my mother who was a great supporter of this soap because she has sensitive skin and she was told to use Pears soap by the skin specialist. Pears soap is a well-known brand of soap that has been around since 1807. It is produced by Unilever and is marketed as a gentle and moisturizing soap that is suitable for all skin types. The undisputed presence of Pears soap in the market for so many years is a testimony of its authenticity. Even after so many years, this soap is still the number one choice for many people who prefer this soap despite having many other options.  Pears soap is made with glyce

My Book Review : How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Best Book in understanding other Humans)

Today, I will review for you one of the very famous books which tell us about many things related to human psychology. In the recent past, I reviewed two books " Wings of fire " and " Devlok Devdutt Pattak ke sang ". The book I will review today is “ How to win friends and influence People ” and this book does not need any introduction because it is one of the best-selling books of the present century which has remained popular for the ast hundred years. If you want to learn the art of winning friends and influencing people, then you should read this book immediately. I will even recommend reading this book several times because there is abundant information stored in this book for everyone. “How to win friends and influence People” has something for everyone, even people who have lots of friends can learn many things from it. Below, you can read some of my observations and learning from “How to win friends and influence People”. Every person has thousands of

My review - GANESH Wonder Chopper (Excellent product for every Home)

  Today, I will review Ganesh Wonder Chopper in grey colour. I have found this tiny product very useful in our kitchen because of the ease of using it. This small chopper is available for a cost of Rs 179 only and its build quality is very nice. It is a hand-operated chopper and doesn't need electricity so we can use it anytime and anywhere. This chopper is good enough for the family of four people to chop onions and tomatoes. The quality of the chopper is very good and the blades are strong enough. So far, I have bought two of these choppers and we are using the first one for the last nine months. After the arrival of the Ganesh wonder chopper in our home, the use of an electric mixer grinder has gone done by 90%.  I live in a village so here the electricity supply is not constant. After buying this handheld chopper our dependence on electricity has gone done and we can cook anything without the need for electricity. This product is even very good for camping or outdoor use becaus

My Review - Paper Boat Swing Slurpy Mango Drink (A nice and economical product)

  We all love mango, therefore all the things made from mango are also our favourites. Today, I will review a mango drink from Paper Boat with the name "Swing - Slurpy Mango". This is one of the economical mango juices available in the market because it is priced at Rs 10 for 150 ml. In this expensive world, it is very hard to find a good mango drink for Rs 10 only. I also love the small quantity size because sometimes you just need to drink something small in quantity without spending much. Here Paper Boats Swing range of drinks come handy and trustworthy because you know that you are getting a good drink from a good company. In recent times, Paper boat has established itself as a good brand in the fruit juice category. I have tried many other fruit juices from them and found all of them very tasty and good.  Now, it is time to give my opinion about the Paper Boats Slurpy Mango drink. I have drank this juice multiple times and have not found any problem with it. Every time t

My Review - Saffola Oats (Rolled, delicious and creamy oats)

Today, I will review Saffola Oats which is one of famous brands of Oats in India. Previously, I did a review of Quaker Oats , the first company to introduce Oats in the Indian market in a big way. Before that Oats were not so popular in India and there was no big brand name associated with oats. Thanks to aggressive marketing by Quaker, many Indian started eating them and now oats have become a household thing. After the success of Quaker Oats, we saw the entry of many new brands in the oats market and one of such successful brands in Saffola. We can find plain and ready to cock oats from Saffola. After the Quaker, I have used the Saffola oats the most because of their good quality. Initial oats from Quaker were imported from Australia but now they are manufactured in India only.  Oats has been scientifically and medically proven by doctors and scientists best fit for our consumption. It is found that the good bacteria in our intestine like the Oats very much and their numbers increas

My Review - Amazon Prime (A good package with many offers)

  Today, I will review one of the products of amazon Inda that is amazon prime . Amazon prime is a paid service offered by Amazon India that offers each prime member additional benefits like Prime Video, free music streaming app, free reading of books on kindle, free access to gaming content, 5% cashback on Amazon ICICI credit card, free shipping, early access to offers and deals etc. I am using Amazon prime for the last one and a half years and my current subscription is Rs 999 for a year which is active till 16th July 2022. Now Amazon has increased the price of its yearly subscription of amazon Indian prime to Rs 1499/year.  Now Why did I choose Amazon Prime ? Here are my reasons for choosing Amazon prime . 1) I am using an amazon ICICI credit card so with prime membership I am getting 5% cashback instead of 3% offered to others. My average buying from Amazon is Rs 50000 so the 2% comes out to be Rs 1000. Thus amazon prime subscription at the current rate almost cost me free.  2) Fre

My Review - Amazon's Great Republic Day Sale

  Today, I will review the Great Indian Republic day sale of Amazon. Every year leading online store Amazon India runs a big sale online with the name of Great Republic Day Sale. This sale lasts for three to five days approximately. This year the sale is from 17th to 20th January for four days but this sale starts early for amazon prime users, thus they get five days of sale. Such sales have become very popular because we get a number of good deals online. I have also bought many products from these sales and the discount sometimes is s high as 70%. The catch is that you need to manually check the deals because all deals are not shared on the same days and some deals are available for a limited time only.   I bought my washing machine for half of the price through a similar deal and there are many other things in our house that I have bought through this sale. So if you also want to buy something then you should wait for such sales because they provide you with a chance to buy the sa