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My Review- Santoor Hand Wash with Essential Oilds (It can be improved)

Today, it is the turn of Wipro's Santoor Hand Wash , Santoor is a famous brand of Wipro and we are aware of Santoor Soap and its ads. However, Santoor Hand Wash is comparatively a very new launch. In the last few months, I got a chance to use this product a number of times. The two popular brands of Handwash in India are Dettol and Lifeboy and commonly people use them. It is the common story of our home too, Dettol is number one brand hand wash which we use mostly. I got a chance to try Santoor Hand wash because of free offer on Wipro Safewash where you get Two refill packs of Santoor Hand Wash with a large size bottle of Safe Wash. Today, Hand wash has become an essential product to be used in Indian households and their penetration is only increasing because of increasing awareness among people about the need to clean hands so that bad germs don't enter our body. Therefore, more and more companies are launching their hand wash to tap this market and Wipro is next i