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My Review - Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash (A Good Product)

Today, I will share my review of one of the products which I often use. This is the second Facewash which I am going to review, earlier I shared my review of Vedicline Neem Brahmi Face wash . I am going to write about my experience with Himalaya Herbal's Purifying Neem Face Wash . This is one of famous and most popular product of Himalaya Herbal and we can easily find it in every shop. The huge availability of this product indicates its popularity among the people. I am using this product from last many years and I have always found it a good product. I regularly use a face wash because of skin sensitivity to dust. In rainy season, I always prefer Himalaya's Purifying Neeam Face wash because of need of cleaning the excess skin bacteria and dust. The main ingredients of this face wash are Neem and Termeric. They both clean the skin with their antibacterial and anitfungal properties. Himalaya's Neem Face wash is a soap free herbal formulation; therefore, we are not app