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Showing posts from December 22, 2021

Review - ID instant filter coffee Decoction (liquid) (A good and Tasty option for filter coffee lovers)

 Coffee is something that is liked by many people and we all love to enjoy it sometime or other. I am not a hardcore fan of coffee but I like to have it sometimes. Recently, I got the option to try ID 100% authentic filter coffee decoction (concentration liquid). I got five samples filled with liquid filter coffer. To make this coffee, You just need to warm the milk and add one pouch of coffee. As I don't drink very hard coffee so I made two cups of coffee from the single pouch. I even added the pouch mix in the milk in a pot and heated it further to see if there is any variation of taste.  In every method, I found ID filter coffee very tasty and easy to use. You get an authentic taste of coffee without doing much. You can prepare yourself a cup of coffee in a few minutes without much hassle. The main thing is good taste in the end so that you enjoy a good coffee. I will say that it is a very good option for all people who love coffee. It is not easy for every person to buy a cof

Review - Tasty Tales Nelon Gur Kheer (Thumbs down, Not Good)

  Today, I will review Tasty Tales Nelon Gur Kheer with you. Recently, I got the chance to use this product. Kheer making is neither tough nor not a difficult task at our home and we make it quite often. Common kheer is made in a simple and traditional way and it is always a tasty treat. I got Tasty takes Kolkata Nolen Gur Kheer as a sample, therefore, I decided to give it a try. Inside the make pack of kheer, we can find two separate packs. One pack contains the uncooked rice and the other pack contains a syrup containing Nelon Gur and other mixes.  I started making kheer as per the instruction given on the Kheer pack. They first said to take 500 ml toned milk and heat it. Then they asked to add Pack 1 containing rice to hot milk. Further, it is asked to continuously stir the milk containing rice for 15 to 20 minutes. In my case, rice took 25 minutes to cook. Then as asked, I switched off the gas and added pack 2 containing syrup mix to the cooked rice mixture. However, to my surprise

Review- ETmoney app (A good option to make commission free investments in Mutual Funds, NPS and more)

 With the advancement in information technology, we see many easy and good solutions to make informed investments in a few clicks. There are many options available in the market and online but most of them charge small hidden fees that decrease the value of our investments. If these commissions or fees are not there then we can earn an extra up to 25 Lakhs over the period of time. ETmoney is the leading and most trusted app available today that charges zero fee or commission on Mutual funds or other investments. On this app, one can directly buy the mutual funds from the source without paying a hidden fee. On this app, people can also learn about their present investments where they are paying an extra amount or commission on their investments.  I have been using their service for the last two years and I have found no issue with them. Only one time KYC is required for new customers and later they can invest multiple times in a single click. Selling of mutual funds is also very easy a