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Review - Zandu Pancharishta (An Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic) (New and detailed)

  Welcome to the new review of Zandu Pacharishta, (To read the old review Click Here ). This was one of my most reviewed in the past so I decided to rewrite it and add new information related to this product. Zandu is an old maker of ayurvedic products but they went bad in business due to a number of reasons and the availability of their products also reduced at one time then Emmai bought it and revived its legacy by relaunching its old products. One such product was Zandu Pancharishta and the new company promoted it aggressively on TV. The good old brand value combined with advertisement increased the interest of people in Zandu Pancharishta .  Some glimpse from an old post,''  Stomach related Problems are very common in India and every second person in India faces some kind of stomach problems or disorders. I also come under the second category of people who have a  weak digestive system . From childhood, I have been constantly suffering from various stomach-related disorde

My Review - Nature up Coconut tender water powder mix (Best and economical alternative for real Coconut)

  I am a great lover of coconut and I love to drink as much coconut water as I can, however, the problem is that I live very far away from the sea and here getting coconuts is not an easy task and if you get them then they are generally very expensive. To solve this problem, I looked for an alternative and reached at the Nature up coconut tender water power mix . First time when I tried this product then I was skeptical about its taste and content, however, after multiple times of usage, I am very satisfied with it. I have bought this product for more than 6 times and will continue to buy it again and again. We all also aware of the health benefits of the coconut water and how well it hydrates our body. I gave many coconuts to drink to my son when we suffered from the dengue fever and for three days, he was almost of coconut water only because his body was retaining anything.  Coconut water is a very useful product for our overall health because of many healthy nutrients present in it.