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Review CRED - Credit card and Rent Payment app (Best solution for Credit card users)

Today, I will share with you my experience related to CRED app that I use for paying my credit card bills. In today's world, it has become quite common to have one or more credit cards because they provide us with the option to buy many things on Credit and pay the bills later or in easy instalments. There are many credit cards in the market that offer attractive discounts and zero cost EMIs. Due to this reason, we see many people opting for such credit cards. I have also bought many things in past by getting the advantage of the discount offered on the Credit cards and zero cost EMI provided by them. Such advantages associated with credit cards are attracting many people towards the credit cards and they are opting for them.  Now where comes the role of the CRED app, the role of CRED comes when we need to make payments of these credit cards. I have been using a credit card for the last 15 years but so far no one has offered any rewards for paying credit card bills on time, only t