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My Review - Tide double Power detergent with New Stain Magnets (Best friend of Clothes)

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The clothes are a very integral part of our life and it is hard to imagine life without them because they add colorfulness and comfort to our life. Due to this reason, we all have multiple types of clothes in our wardrobes as per our daily needs. Today no human being can imagine a day out without clothes because clothes have become our out skin and style statement. Thanks to the revolution in synthetic clothes industries, today we have a huge variety of clothes with us. This luxury was not available to everyone in the past. We are all lucky to have a variety of clothes at such a reasonable price. Now having clothes is one thing but the real thing is to care for them. As we take baths daily so we need to clean our clothes regularly so that we can remove the dirt and germs from them. 

Here detergents provide great help by cleaning our clothes. However, it all depends on the selection of detergent because there are many detergents available in the market that are not up to mark and they harm our clothes. When clothes take care of us then it is our duty to take care of them back and we can do so by using a good detergent. Today, I will review Tide double power detergent that is used in our home for the last many years. The performance of tide detergent is so good that we don't consider any other brand of detergent. For some time, we used detergent from another popular brand because of its lower price but my wife didn't get the same satisfaction and she also reported that the other brand was containing mud-like residue in the end. 

It is common to notice the advertisements of Tide detergent on the TV. The focus of all the ads is that Tide can even whiten the washed clothes and women are not required to rub hard to clean clothes. We are using Tide detergent powder at our home for the last five years. Earlier, Surf excel was a detergent powder of our home. We started using Tide detergent powder because it was economical and they were offering free buckets with the large pack of Tide. After using tide for the first time, we found that tide works well or is equivalent to surf excel but it is cheaper than Surf excel. Since then, tide detergent powder has become our regular detergent powder. 

Review, Tide, detergent,So far, we have no complaint with tide detergent powder, and from time to time, they offer their customer many good offers like a free bucket or extra detergents. The Tide is also safe for the hands which is the main concern of many women. Tide is also safe for the clothes and we never found it doing any harm to our clothes. Maybe this is the reason that the tide has become a very popular detergent powder in India and it is used in millions of Indian households. 

Therefore, we never go for any other detergent brand because my family is very satisfied with it. In the last so many years of using Tide detergent, we have never seen any adverse effect on the clothes. Mostly, we use the Jasmine-rose flavor of detergent that leaves a very good fragrance in the clothes after washing. I think someone has made Tide detergent after considering all the factors that a good detergent should have. Due to this reason, Tide detergent is very popular and we can find it in many homes. Tide may have entered the Indian market late but it is a popular brand in many big countries and the first choice of many women. 

I will give thumbs up to Tide detergent for giving a good product to clean our valuable clothes and we will keep on buying it again and again. 

The Tide is an effective detergent and a small quantity of this powder is enough to clean clothes. My rating for Tide washing powder is 9 out of 10 and I would like to recommend it to others. 

Below, You can also share your experiences and opinions about the Tide Washing Powder. 

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