My Review- Which is Better Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid WashProof (antiseptic) or Hansaplast WashProof ?

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Recently, I got chance to try adhesive bandages of both Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid WashProof (antiseptic) and Hansaplast WashProof and after using more than 10 bandages of each, I am ready with my experience. Few days back, I got injured at the bottom of my foot and at this place only a bandage with strong adhesive can work. 

I first started with Hansaplast bandages because it was only available product at the time of buying. My experience remained satisfied with Hansaplast and it has very strong adhesive and a single Hansaplast bandage lasts up to 24 hours. I was using water proof bandage of Hansaplast because I did not wanted water to enter inside wound. Everything was fine with Hansaplast water proof bandage expect slight whitening of part near the wound. 

Hansaplast, Bandage, Review, After finishing Hansaplast bandages, I got chance to try Johnson & Johnson’s BAND-AID Wash Proof (Antispectic). I bought two boxes of Band-aid with 10 pcs each. Johnson and Johnson claims that new Band-aid has improved antiseptic and better adhesive qualities. I do agree with first claim that antiseptic is better and works fine; however, I do not agree with second claim that adhesive is better. At a place like bottom of foot, Band-Aid adhesive was not a good fit and sometimes, I was required to use two or three band-aid bandages in a single day. When we compare Hansaplast and Band-aid bandages for adhesive strength then Hansaplast is much better and clear winner; however, antiseptic used in new Band-aid looks slightly better than Hansplast as I did not observed whitening of skin after using Band-Aid.

About Price- Hansplast bandage is 20% economical than Band-aid bandage.

Therefore, I will rate Hansaplast Bandage better than Band-Aid with 2 points in the favour of Hansaplast and 1 point in the favour of Band-aid. 


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