My Review - Universal Kabz ki Fakki (Universal medicine for Constipation)

Universal Kabz ki Fakki

The problems related to the stomach are very common in India and we can meet millions of people who are suffering from these diseases. The problems in the stomach are very bad because if they remain untreated then they cause many health problems. In Ayurveda, it is believed that most of the health problems start from the bad state of our stomach; therefore, it is very important to take care of all problems related to our stomach and digestive system.  

Earlier, on this blog, I shared with you my experience with Zandu Pancharishta which is quite helpful in treating many digestive system problems. Today, I will talk about a common problem related to the digestive system which affects many people and if it remains untreated then it can cause many health issues like ulcers, heart problems, etc. 

I am talking about constipation which has emerged as a major digestive system problem due to the unhealthy lifestyle of the people. Whatever we eat needs to come out of our body after digestion but if this food stays for long in the digestive system then it can create many problems like constipation. Mostly, we think that constipation is a very small problem; however, if untreated then it can become a very dangerous health problem. 

We can treat simple constipation by home remedies or by increasing fibrous food in our diet. However, if the problem is severe then we need to get help from medicine. Recently, I also suffered from acute constipation problem and I found that my BP was also raised when I had constipation. Therefore, I decided to buy a good medicine for it but instead of allopathic medicine, I decided to give a chance to ayurvedic medicine. 

From a local medical shop, I got a recommendation to use universal Kabz ki Fakki and to my surprise, it worked very well. Though, for acute constipation, it may take three-four days to show results. I took it at night with warm water and now, I have said goodbye to the problem of constipation forever and I am feeling much healthier now. I will give it a thumbs up as good ayurvedic medicine to clean our digestive system. 

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