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My Review - Amway Glister toothpaste (Not so good as claimed)

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An aunty in our neighborhood was trying to introduce a few people to our family who she claimed are part of a big business. After many times saying no to her, she one day landed at our home without an appointment. As a good host, we decided to give some time to these three men who were well dressed.

Within a few minutes, we come to know that they are from Amway and they are here to sell the Amway products to us. They introduced many of their products to us and made many big claims about them. One of such products was Glister toothpaste which they claimed is 100% natural and don't have any chemicals in it unlike the other toothpastes in the market.

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As we are not much interested in them so we bought two products from them, one was Glister toothpaste and other was Calcium tablets (which we returned later). Due to these gentlemen, I came to know about the Glister toothpaste for the first time.

First, we were surprised to see the high price of this toothpaste which was Rs 150 for 100g tube. This price was three to four times higher than the all toothpaste brands available in India. Still, we decided to give this product a try because of all the big claims made by the gentlemen.

After some days of use of Glister toothpaste, I found that it is a normal toothpaste or even less effective than the other toothpastes. Slowly, most of members of family discontinued it for the other toothpaste brand. My personal experience was also not fine with it and I will rate it an average product which is highly priced.

Second thing, I didn't like about Glister is use of most of the ingredients like fluoride, SLS, sweetener, flavor which we find in other toothpaste brands. Today, this product is mostly selling because of the chain business structure of Amway and most of its users are people who are either involved in the Amway business or people are encouraged by such people.

We can only buy this product through the people working for Amway or online because it is not available at the common stores. When we look at the other toothpaste brands in the market, then Glister stands much behind other products and it is highly overpriced.

Thirdly, I don't like and recommend toothpaste which contain fluoride because of the many side effects associated with the fluoride absorbed into the body and toothpastes containing fluoride are the one source of absorption of fluoride into our body.

My Rating for this product is 5 out of 10 and I will not use it again.

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  1. My family works for this company and they have many products such as makeup,cleaning essentials and such and I use this toothpaste since I was first born but I never really seen a difference I have to use different brands of toothpaste behind their back, it's just not that good. Thanks for the review

  2. Many people has misconception like Mr. Arvind in India and they tell chain marketing and pyramid structure to Amway but most of them don't know the history and purpose of Amway.

    Amway is world's number 1 direct selling company. They don't sell their products in any shop, shopping malls or online portal like Flipkart, Aamazon, Snapdeal etc. because they want to empower people who can't invest lacs of rupees in infrastructure but want to do the business & looking for extra income without disturbing their primary occupation.

    Amway doesn't allow any middle men like stockist, wholeseller, retailer and they don't spend too much money on TV and newspaper ads like other brands they just return 60% amount to customers cum distributors by various commission & they also offer world tour after some levels achieve in business.

    Now come to the products: All Amway products carrying 100% satisfaction guarantee with money back policy & 3 E. 1- Effective, 2-economical, 3- eco-friendly. Effective means value for money you get 100% result which claims by Amway.

    Economical means products are not costly because all products are highly concentrated, so you don't need to use so much quantity as other and some home care products needs to dilute with water. Eco-friendly means they don't harm our environment because they don't use any harmful chemical which harm your health and environment.

    Nutrilite is world's oldest dietary & health supplement owned by Amway. They have 6500 acres certified organic farms where they don't use any pesticides or insecticides and they've 100% control from seeds to supplements. Now just tell me any chemist or any shopkeeper gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    Now let me explain what that is: For example if you go to a store and by mistake you open any product then that storekeeper will keep that product back? NO but in Amway you are free to use the product till 30% and if you’re not satisfied with product then you can return your product and get your money back. Isn’t it Amazing?

    Now come to the income opportunity: Amway gives you retailing rights with using the product by signing up for the business without charging a single rupee & fulfilling just KYC norms which are Aadhar, Pan & cancel cheque. Now you’re eligible to use the products retail the products and you can get commission by Amway as per your sales level.

    Apart from that, there is an education system which calls Britt Worldwide, where you can learn how to do business in your part time / spare time. By this way you can become job free, you can enjoy all time with your family, no need to worry about income. People who work with you are always ready to support you & empower you. Now just tell me, these are some key benefits of Amway business so everybody has to join Amway or no?

    Thank You My Friends

    Himanshu Shah

  3. People in India have always been cheap. Its understandable that you would put the cheapest Chinese toothpaste in your mouths. Good luck ladies.

  4. These words can only come out by those mouths who are out of the big business opportunity which is Amway.

  5. It depends upon the user, but what I like most about this product is the 100-day return feature. I can't think of any product that does the same.

  6. It is not even certified by FDA.

  7. LOL....You guys are out of the world ....

  8. U will find that fluoride chemical in other brands toothpaste also for example: Colgate, Dantkanti, Dabur red etc. They all are commonly used toothpastes which can easily found in Indian houses.
    So plz don't give that reason for Glister as not good claimed
    Bcoz I m using it, my whole family using it since 2007 & we didn't get any reaction or side effect from this. Even I had pyria & coz of that I always found my mouth with full of blood when I wake up in the morning and my gums were so weak but thanks to Glister that problem resolved & now I have good gums & healthier teeth.

  9. Glister hasn't special quality. It is a normal toothpaste . Amway is an American company and it's products are not so good but high price. I was using glister and other products of Amway and I was a Amway business owner (ABO). But now I don't work with Amway. Amway is a fraud foreign company.

  10. Glister herbal toothpaste doesn't have chemicals. The blue glister has but they are all in permissible limits only. Glister toothpaste has made my gums strong. All my life I had been using other toothpastes but they could be er cure my bleeding gums. I hardly visit dentist . It's comple oral care and recommended by IDA ( Indian dental association ).


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