My Review- Parle G Biscuits (An excellent taste at an affordable price)

Parle G
In the present world, it is very hard to find an economical product which has good quality too. Parle G is one such product which provides you a comfort to eat something good at a very reasonable price. In India, it is the largest selling Biscuit brand and we can buy it even at a remote location in India which shows its popularity.

This 75 year old brand in biscuits is still strong in its category and there are millions of its fans across the world. Parle G biscuit is available in different packing sizes from Rs 2 to Rs 60. Many people like to buy the Rs 2 pack of Parle-G while enjoying their tea. Parle-G is truly a biscuit which can be referred as the biscuit of common Indians.

Despite the availability of many fancy biscuit brands in the market, Parle-G has made a special place for it and it will be hard for any other biscuit brand to repeat its performance. Till 1980, Parle-G biscuits were called Parle Gluco (Gluco referring to Glucose). In 2013, Parle-G becomes the first FMCG brand to cross Rs 5000 crore in sales.
Parle G, Biscuits

As during my review of Dettol Liquid, I shared with you the great brand value of it and the same is true for Parle-G biscuits. Some people believe that low price of Parle-G is behind its success; however, I believe that the main reason of its popularity is good quality and taste of Parle-G biscuits; though, low price also increases its reach among people.

It is common to find few packets of Parle-G biscuits in our home because we all love to eat them whenever feel little bit hungry. After consuming these biscuits for a long time, I have never found any issue with these biscuits and they always taste very well. In this long journey of Parle-G, these biscuits have always remained away from the controversy, thus winning the trust of common Indians.

I love these biscuits and will like to give them 10 out of 10 points for making simple, affordable and tasty biscuits.

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