My Review - Himalaya Arjuna Capsules (A very useful Product for all Heart Problems)

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Today, heart related problems or diseases have become very common in India. It is very common to find multiple person near you, those are somehow suffering from heart related disorder or disease.

For example, in our family of six people five are directly or partially suffering some kind of heart related problem. This is a common story of many Indian houses these days.

High Blood pressure has become so common that it has emerged as a silent killer.

Why Indians are so susceptible to heart problems?

The answer is fast changing lifestyle or people. 

With time, we are forgetting healthy lifestyle of India and following an unhealthy lifestyle of the west.

Here is a short video for you to understand Heart diseases

It is very difficult for any person to enjoy a healthy life without a healthy heart and severe heart problems can lead to the death of a person.

Therefore, it is very important to treat heart problems at their starting point; otherwise it can be very late for us.

Today, my review is related to one such effective product Arjuna (which is basically a bark of Arjuna Tree).

The Bark of Arjuna Tree is used for centuries in India to treat heart and sex related problems. Its use is well documented in ancient Aurvedic textures.

These days, we do have many studies and researchs which also shows that the bark of Arjuna Tree is very useful in treating various heart problems.

The active constituents of the Bark of Arjuna are arjunolic acid, terminic acid, arjunetin,  arjunosides I–IV, flavones, tannins, oligomeric proanthocyanidins and b-sitosterol.

Due to the presence of these active particles, the bark of Arjuna Tree is believed to be Cardio protective, anti-oxidant and anti-hypertensive.

In this article, I will talk about Arjuna capsules by Himalaya.

About three years back, I first noticed that I have symptoms of high BP. Initially, I didn't give any attention to this problem and left it as such.

But with time, my problem started increasing and I started getting high BP attacks with the highest recorded BP of 170/115. At the age of just 32 years, I never thought that I will face such a severe problem. Not only high BP, I was suffering from my other problems like acute acidity, inflation in the liver, insomnia etc.

When I visited the doctor, then initially he advised me to solve my problem with healthy life style and regular exercise.  However, when my problem doesn't show any improvement, then he prescribed me Telvas 40 which contains Telmisartan 40 mg.

However, my doctor friend advised me to start with Atenolol 50. I started taking this drug regularly; however, still I was facing the same problem and sometimes, I was required to eat two tablets in a single day.

Being frustrated by all this, I decided to find a solution for this problem in Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle.

I completely stopped eating fried food items and changed my habit of sleeping late night. I started doing exercise and yoga on a daily basis.

Arjuna, Review, Himalaya, capsules

With this I started eating one capsule of Arjuna by Himalaya twice a day before a meal because from all available sources of Arjuna tree Bark, I found Arjuna capsules by Himalaya most reliable because of the good reputation of this company in the market. With this, I also took Aleo Vera and Amla juice on a regular basis.

For the first one month, I didn't see much relief, however, after three months, I started seeing small improvement.

With time, I saw more improvements and I decreased the dosage of Atenolol to 25.  After one year of use of Arjuna, I reduced the table to every second day.

Now, after three years, I don't use atenolol at all and I take just a single capsule of Arjuna. 

From my experience, I can surely say that the Arjuna is a good product when it comes to healthy hearts, second Arjuna capsules by Himalaya are a reliable option to get the right dose of Arjuna. 

The main point here is Arjuna and how to get it in pure form. If people can get it directly from the tree, then I will definitely recommend going for this option. 

However, for people like me how don't know a difference between a regular tree and The Arjuna tree, these capsules by Himalaya are good options. 

People can also get powder of the bark of Arjuna from my manufacturers in the market. 

The aim of writing this article is not to promote Arjuna capsules by Himalaya but to highlight usefulness and good qualities of Arjuna tree. 

I will give this product 10 out of 10 points. 

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