My Review- Vivel Active Essentials 3 in 1 Facewash + Scrub

Today, we live a very hectic life where large numbers of people do not have much time for daily activities. Therefore, we are seeing many innovative products in market which claims to offer same effects in short time. Vivel active essentials 3 in 1 Facebook plus Scrub also come under this category. 

Vivel claims that this innovative products scrubs, cleanses & moisturizes your skin simultaneously. Therefore, you are not required to use scrub and moisturizer separately. This product uses Soft Jojoba beads which gently remove dead cells from skin. It also contains Glycerin & Pro Vitamin E which helps in protecting natural moisture of skin. 

If we go by all claims of company then this facewash cum scrub cum moisturisers looks a very great and useful product in present time. Me and my wife got chance to try this products through three free samples of it. After use, I found this product a good offer; however, not best in category. Despite large claims and advertisements by company, this product does not offer full solution. Though, it is good for busy people; however, it is not ideal for people who are looking for best results. 

This product is no way provides equal results which you get after applying facewash, scrub and moisturizer separately. Though, we can give some points for new innovation but when it comes to results then we need something more. Overall, I found Vivel Active Essentials 3 in 1 Facewash + Scrub a good product; however, it is not a complete package as complained. 

My Rating- I will give this product 6.5 points out of 10 points.

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