My Review- Vedicline Neem Brahmi Face wash

Vedic Line, Face Wash, Review, Neem, Brahmi,
Few months back, I got chance to try Neem and Brahmi face wash from Vedicline, an Ayurvedic company with good product range. I found this product listed on an online site; so decided to give it a try. As I am a big fan of Ayurvedic products so I always give try to such products. The main thing which attracted me towards this facewash was use of Neem and Brahmi. 

There are many Face Washes available in market which use Neem leaves; however, there is rarely any brand which uses Brahmi and Neem Combination. Vedicline Neem and Brahmi facewash is available in two packing of 120 ml and 50 ml. I first ordered 50 ml packing and completely used it. The smell of Neem and Brahmi facewash is very pleasant and it gives a very refreshing and long lasting effect to your face. 

Vedic line, Face Wash, Neem, Brahmi, Review
If I have to compare this facewash with other facewashes available in market then I will say it is best product available in market. Instead of using expensive face washes from big brands you can give this product a try. After using three packing of this facewash, I have become fan of it and I will recommend this product to all. 

Overall, it is very economical, ayurvedic and very useful facewash. Brahmi enhances the effect of this face wash many times and leave a glowing look on your face. I have tried hundreds of facewashes from many big brands; however, vedicline neem and brahmi facewash is a big winner among them. This Facewash is easily available on many online stores and you can get discount on your orders too. 

 My Rating- I will give 9 out of 10 points for Vedicline Neem and Brahmi Facewash


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