My Review Vaadi Herbal Neem Patti Soap containing pure Neem leaves

Neem Patti, Sopa, Neem, Vaadi, Herbal, Review
Few months back, I was browsing an online site to check soap items listed on it. On this site, I found range of Vaadi Herbal soaps including Neem Patti Soap. The Good point about vaadi herbal soaps was that they were hand made soaps and containing essential herbs. So I decided to give its Soaps a try and bought a pack of six Vaadi Neem Patti soaps. The main thing which attracted me about this soap was use of true neem leaves in soap. Earlier, I used many herb soaps like medimix herbal soap but I never used a soap which contained pure leaves. Therefore, I wanted to go through this experience.

Neem Patti, Soap, Neem, Vaadi, Review

So far, I have used five Neem Patti soaps and I have found this soap an average product with good chances of improvement. The good points of this soap are its freshness and experience of fresh neem leaves. I found this soap very effective in controlling many common skin problems even slightly better than medimix soap. However, the bad thing is that neem leaves spread across the bathroom after you have a shaver with Neem Patti soap. The other bad point and major weakness of this soap is its hardness. As Vaadi Neem Patti is an herbal soap and it is handmade; therefore, we can give overlook some of its shortcomings.

Overall, I am average satisfied with this product and look for new improved soap in future. Though, Neem Patti soap from Vaadi can be a good soap for some change and single time use.

My Rating – 7 out of 10 for Vaad Neem Patti Soap

Note- I have not used any other soap from Vaadi Herbal


  1. Could not cure acne properly instead gave rise. Did not suit me.


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