My Review – Dabur’s Promise Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Link of Dabur’s popular anti-cavity toothpaste “Promise” and our family is very old because it is favorite toothpaste of my father from many years. Therefore, being freely available at home, I have also used this toothpaste many times in last many years. The main ingredient of this paste is clove oil which is a time tested product in dental treatment.
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Now what about the anti-cavity claim of this paste then I will give example of my father because in last 20 years, he has never complained about single cavity problem or he has gone through any dental treatment. Lots of credit goes to Promise toothpaste because he is continually using this paste. Though, I use Promise paste occasionally because it lacks some kind of sparkling effect.

After using it continually for some time, I found this paste very ordinary or non effective in nature. Though, I love to use it occasionally. Promise is an old brand of toothpaste and millions of people trust this brand. I rating for this paste is 7 out of 10. I will rate it more if Dabur provide some new alternatives of this paste like in get formation.


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