My Review - Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose Detergent (Washing) Powder

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It is common to notice the advertisements of Tide detergent on the TV. The focus of all the ads is that Tide can even whiten the washed clothes and women are not required to rub hard to clean clothes. We are using Tide detergent powder at our home from the last five years. Earlier, Surf excel was detergent powder of our home. We started using Tide detergent powder because it was economical and they were offering free bucket with the large pack of Tide. After using tide for the first time, we found that tide works well or equivalent to surf excel but it is cheaper than Surf excel. Since then, tide detergent powder has become our regular detergent powder. 

Review, Tide, detergent, So far, we have no complaint with tide detergent powder and time to time, they offer their customer many good offers like free bucket or extra detergent. The Tide is also safe for the hands which is the main concern of many women. Tide is also safe for the clothes and we never found it doing any harm to our clothes. May be this is the reason that the tide has become a very popular detergent powder in India and it is used in millions of Indian households. 

The Tide is an effective detergent and a small quantity of this powder is enough to clean clothes. My rating for Tide washing powder is 9 out of 10 and I would like to recommend it to others. 

Below, You can also share your experiences and opinions about the Tide Washing Power. 

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The Advertisements of Tide Detergent (Washing) Powder in India-

2011 Advertisenment of Tide 

Last Year Advertisement of Tide

Best Advertisement of Tide


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